Many Thanks!


  • Loretta M. Leto in Memory of Frank D. Leto & Anna Lillian Leto who built our homes and filled them with music, singing, dancing, food, friends, family, love & joy!
  • Picture Poem Productions which creates many of the PAM Jam videos
  • Christy Sheffield Sanford for PAM Jam STA
  • Dr. Joseph Barton of Admira Dentistry ~ Awarded first PAM Jam Carol Whitney Green Memorial Scholarship to The Art Center Cooperative for their fundraiser to buy art supplies for Title 1 Schools in Duval County
  • Melissa Remotti ~ Awarded PAM Jam Carol Whitney Green Memorial Scholarship to Sound Connections Music Therapy Program which helps children with disabilities at Title 1 Schools in St. Johns County
  • Steffani Flecther Founder & Executive Director of Hope at Hand ~ Supporting local Poets in our community!
  • Jim Stafford & Eclipse Recording Studio ~ Supporting local Musicians, Sound Connections Music Therapy & PAM Jam!


  • Karen Garcia Patterson
  • Katie Patterson
  • Nan Szypulski-Lewis
  • Tom Green in Memory of Carol Whitney Green.  Will love you always!
  • Karen Leigh in Honor of Nicholas & Matthew.  My AWESOME twin sons!
  • Ruth Van Alstine "The Florida Poetry Fairy" North Florida Poetry Hub
  • Debi Andersen
  • Ellen Vontillius
  • Lucy & Jimmy Black in Honor of Wiley our first grandchild
  • Kathleen Cannella Courtney in Loving Memory of Stephen & Mary Lou Cannella
  • Melissa McIntyre Moore in Loving Memory of Peggie McIntyre who loved to write poems
  • Nanette Leto
  • Mark Metzger dedicated to all those struggling with COVID-19
  • Dot & Woody Wood
  • Robert J. Leto
  • Yvonne Berry ~ "Art, in all its forms, awakens our common humanity."
  • Carole Bertisch
  • Nina Waters
  • Jane Haverty