Poet Ann Browning Masters

Dr. Ann Browning Masters is the author of Floridanos, Menorcans, Cattle-Whip Crackers:  Poetry of St. Augustine, published by the Florida Historical Society Press and now in its second printing. Her writing from this collection was recognized at the Florida Folk Festival and excepts from it were recorded for the Florida State Historical Archives. She continues to read from her writing on Floridanos and Menorcans in presentations and readings and for the Eckerd College Road Scholar program. 

Dr. Masters is a founding board member of the Los Floridanos Society, a heritage association for descendants of First Spanish Period settlers in Saint Augustine.  She is a  long-time member of the Menorcan Cultural Society, a heritage association for descendants of Italian, Greek and Menorcan settlers who arrived in Saint Augustine in 1777.  She served on the Board of Directors of the Saint Augustine Historical Society and continues as a member of its Journal of History Editorial Board.  In 2015, Dr. Masters was knighted by the Saint Augustine Easter Festival for her dedication in promoting Saint Augustine's Spanish heritage.  She is a Floridana, a Menorcan, and a 12th generation Floridian.

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Artist Martha Ferguson

Martha graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Flagler College in Saint Augustine.   She studied watercolor and printmaking at the University of Charleston and attended The Art Student League of NY and various master workshops.  She is a member of several art associations including Florida Artist Group, Oil Painters of America, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, First Coast Plein Air,  American Impressionist Society and Saint Augustine Art Association.  Martha has won numerous awards and has been published in several publications.

Her artist statement says, “My inspiration comes from familiar subjects that surround me. I love to paint scenes of old gritty towns, capturing the feel of an area and the locals that walk the quaint streets. I am often drawn to architecture and the way the light comes through the subject. I want my paintings to be more than a likeness but an experience or a nostalgic feel. I can walk by the same scene many times and then all of a sudden there is a moment that tells a story. That's what I seek to capture. That's when the painting is successful!”

Martha’s style is impressionistic, and she paints primarily in oil and watercolor.  Since moving to Florida, she has become passionate about plein air painting.  She says, “I work on small studies when out in the open air. Many of my small works become studies for larger studio paintings. Painting is a journey that provides me with a determination to learn, create and master my technique, while keeping my own sense of style.”

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Musicians Dennis Fermin & Shari Little

Dennis Fermin on Spanish Guitar hails from the roots of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and even further to Spain, as he shares his beautiful and uplifting music.  Even as a child he was playing instruments and performing at large family gatherings and thus his passion for music began. Coming from a very musical family it wasn’t that hard for him to follow his chosen path that now has touched the hearts and lives of many from the U.S. to the Spanish Caribbean Islands. His music takes you to your favorite exotic getaway destination, a place where mesmerizing waters and rich ancient cultures come to life.For Passion & Romance from Spain to the Caribbean Islands: 

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Shari Little is a career educator who has taught language arts, dramatic arts, and the art of teaching for 28 years. As an art enthusiast, she has appeared in multiple theatrical works locally, has had paintings in a gallery, and has performed music at Saint Augustine’s “Sing Out Loud” festival, as well as at Saint  Augustine’s Jazz Society. She believes that through the arts, people of all cultures have a chance to enjoy beautiful expressions together, stop all the “fussing and fighting” as Bob Marley used to say, create awareness of problems, and work together to solve those problems. She has organized three “Flash Mobs for the Homeless” over the past several years and looks forward to resuming that event when the pandemic passes. In the meantime, she is absolutely thrilled to participate in the PAM Jam Project!

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