Poet Anne Starling

Anne Starling was born in California and now lives in Florida. Her work has appeared most recently in the Southern Review, Carolina Quarterly and Tahoma Literary Review.

She is a member of A Gathering of Poets who meet at the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library, a group of local poets who share and critique each others’ poems.   They published a book in 2019 “representing years of writing and publishing” which is available on Amazon.

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Artist Sharon Warner

Sharon Warner, a native Nebraskan, has lived throughout the United States and now resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Sharon has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska and has pursued many varied careers all the while studying art. After she and her husband moved to Florida, she has pursued her art career in full. Having started in fiber arts and oil painting she settled with the acrylic medium which provides her more flexibility. 

Sharon continues her studies with artists throughout the United States. She is a contemporary artist with an interest in abstraction. Her recent paintings reflect a new confidence and purpose with paint and design. Growing up with the vast plains of western Nebraska, living summers in Ouray, Colorado and now living In Ponte Vedra, the large expanses of visual impact have a unique feel and a movement and energy in her paintings. Her mother’s flower garden and Georgia O’Keefe’s works have a large impact on her still life paintings.

Her works are in private collections throughout the United States and are shown in several businesses. She continues to also show at Christ Episcopal Church Gallery, First Coast Cultural Center, Saint Augustine Art Association, Remax Unlimited Nocatee, Leaf & Bean Café, Secret Garden Café, and J. Gregory Gallery.

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Musician Janine Newfield

Since a young child Janine was naturally driven to pick up and play by ear any musical instrument she could get her hands on. Being raised in Hawaii she enjoyed a lot of freedom “gypsying” around the island on city buses, toting her surf gear and fiddle case ready to join in with any musician along her path when the surf wasn’t up.

Since her earliest memories Janine enjoyed spending an unusual amount of time on her own. She considers music “the gift” that helped maintain a healthier balance, driven by her love for accompanying others. Janine considers accompanying others one of her more developed talents, nearly ranking up there with her mermaid skill set.  After years of crossing the continent playing music, Janine settled in Saint Augustine to raise her son.

In more recent years she has enjoyed accompanying her own violin performances simultaneously by using her feet on an invention, she calls the “Toe Jam”.  Most recently, COVID-19 has redirected her to revisiting unfinished musical compositions, unfinished writings, drawing Gorillas, and gardening. The music “Lullaby of Light” is one of three musical compositions composed after reconnecting with her love after his passing.